Sunday, November 1, 2009

Escher Perspective

With the addition of the corset and the closet cleaning I've been more "put together" lately. Which has resulted in an Escher like perspective on beauty, attractiveness, and how people respond to appearance.

It's a loop that eats itself when I try to analyze what responses I've received. The basic line of thought originating in - being pretty makes people respond more positively towards me. How? Why? How do I feel about that? What does that mean to me as a person, to my approach on aesthetics?

Being properly 'put together', a complete, neat, ensemble that's coordinated and well-thought out, increases confidence and changes the way I carry myself. (corsets are GREAT for posture!) It makes me feel pretty and attractive....which results in bubbly happy outgoing Amanda, which is attractive in and of itself. So when people are attractive/nice to me, are they responding to my appearance or to my personality? Can you separate the two?

I really can't complain that people pay more positive attention to me when I look attractive. I pay more positive attention to people who dress well and take care of their appearance. Being hypocritical doesn't seem honest. Plus, how you look is a reflection of who you are to some extent. How you present yourself to the world around you, what care you take to be thoughtfully compiled. The only negative thing I've reaped from being more 'put together' is the extended time, care, and attention to detail it takes to get ready and keep myself unmessy. It also makes me painfully aware of the lack of clothing, shoes, jackets, and hosiery in my closet. Building a nice wardrobe is going to take quite some time, searching for appropriate styles.

So I'm eating my way through this new loop as to what it means to dress myself in the morning (only took 25 years...) and aesthetics as what it means to me.

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