Thursday, November 26, 2009

Full of....

Thanks for those things in my life that I love.

0 - My family. I'm not seeing them for a while, and I miss them on the holidays.

0 - Paul, who is infinitely the most wonderful partner for me.

0 - The sounds of the city, they sooth me and remind me I live exactly where I want to be.

0 - My health. The last year's trials have shown me how huge that is.

0 - My life up until this point, because it's helped create who I am today. And I'm thankful for my thought process, perspectives, quirks, and outright oddness.

0 - The transient nature of life. Good things come, then go. But the hard sad things do too. "This too shall pass."

0 - Teddy bears to sleep with. (That's right. I'm not ashamed.)

0 - Puppies and friends who offer to share their home with you on a moment's notice.

0 - The unique nature of individual personalities and that I get to enjoy their contribution to the world and my life.

0 - Baking. It's a source of joy to me.

0 - The color red. This is not trivial. It makes me so happy.

0 - My job. That I have one and it's a good place to work.

0 - Sleep.

0 - Seattle.

0 - That I get to share my thoughts and feelings and rants and raves and randomness with you all.

Happy Thanksgiving.
Give thanks.

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  1. I'm thankful you're my daughter! And I miss having everyone together for the holidays too.