Thursday, November 5, 2009

31 Happy Thoughts

This past week or two has been kinda hard on me emotionally/mentally (and vicariously Paul too, since he's my sounding board - I can't express how much I appreciate his willingness to love and put up with me at my worst). There's no real seious reasons for this, just minor accumulations between outside stimuli and my own weird brain. I don't like feeling this way very much and I came to the realization that if I want it to change I need to do something about it. So some serious reflection occurred last night and some poking around with what I really want. My viewport has twisted around to see things from a different angle. It's so nice when that happens after you've been seeing something from one ugly angle for so long.

So to celebrate I am supplying you with 31 happy thoughts I've had today. (I pick 31 because it ITSELF is a "happy number". Look it up.) *disclaimer: these are in NO particular order. at all. Mainly because my brain isn't organized.*

1. I love Paul. The flowers he brings me on my desk remind me of that, his hugs remind me of that, I remind me of that. He loves (or tolerates patiently) EVERY little part of my personality. I don't ever have to pretend with him. I can be honest and huggy and exactly who I am and he loves me for that. And he is just about one of the best, respectful, caring, thoughtful and full of thoughts person I've ever met. He's the icing on my cake.

2. My family is alive and well. My dad was sick last Thursday through Tuesday in the hospital with an infection. He could have possibly had to have had surgery. He's at home resting up right now. I talked to him Tuesday and I'm immensely grateful for him and my mother. I love them and that is as much a part of my life as my need to eat. All of my family and parent/"adopted" parents are a wonderfully special part of my life.

3. AND 4.

There's also this beautiful strikingly gorgeous woman who works in my building. African American with skin the color of perfectly creamed coffee, a gorgeous bone structure - strong, proportionate in almost every way and yet elegant at the same time. Very feminine. I see her about twice a day every day in the elevator lobby. She's always professionally and demurely dressed in really nice clothes that always seamlessly go together. Her hair is about neck length and SUPER HUGE and just gorgeous in moderately tight curls. Every time I see her I am happy because her beauty is close to a sublime work of art that touches you. I saw her twice today, so that's why it's two happy thoughts.

5. I've been digging around for online vintage sites and found a few, thought I'd share. A list of vintage clothing sites. Really the "Bee's Knees"! I know I'm a little slow, but I knew nothing about etsy until yesterday...and here's an etsy vintage clothing directory. And I really do love this girl's personality and blog she also has a great etsy site. To make things a little easier, here's an online vintage clothing directory. Also - Mod Cloth....what a cool name. Yay!

6. There's a guy at work in his ?late 50's? early 60's? Who's the architecutral code genius. Isn't a fashion person by a long shot, and is recognizable by his outboard white hair cloud around his head and glasses, but his leather shiny autumn leave golden brown shoes today ROCK. After telling him they were great - I saw him get more excited than I ever thought he could be about shoes. It was so cute.

7. I'm met Andrew for coffee this afternoon. He's been in Butan for several weeks and it was really nice to see him. I appreciate the support/encouragement/tips he gives me on being active/reaching my goals and the chance to catch up with him.

8. I got to work this morning. With nasty headwinds and less than a 6" gap close call with a delivery truck trying to kill me I can say that I was truely happy (and adrenaline pumped) to get to work this morning.

9. Mmm....silky hose feel so good in high heels.

10. I still don't have a front fender on my bike since it went wonky and I had to remove it. The asphalt backwash wasn't particularly pleasant, but I LOVED how the spray looked in front of my headlight coming home and the rain cascading in front of the oncoming car's headlights. Riding a bike through connects you to your environment in a way that any other transportation I've participated in can't even come close.

11. Puppies. That's all a girl's got to say.

12. It's raining. Normally I wouldn't be super psyched about this. It's Seattle, it rains. BUT I bought that amazing umbrella a few days ago and I've yet to use it. I can take it out for a spin soon. Mmmmmmmm....pretty things!

13. Pandora is doing really well with playing what I want to hear this afternoon.

14. I found new blogs to look at today I like. I've added a few of them to my "follow blog" list on the side. Check 'em out.

15. I got some alone time tonight as Paul was/is .....somewhere? I like that I come home sometimes just to myself and my thoughts.

16. One coworker's scarf was really pretty fuzzy varying shades of blue. It was beautiful.

17. I got a lot of work done at work. This in itself isn't necessarily a happy thought, but the thought I got some boring tedious work out of the way that I don't have to do tomorrow makes me happy.

18. I am SO looking forward to tomorrow. It's Friday, I get paid, and since there's no blues dancing I'm going window shopping at a bunch of new (to me) vintage/thrift stores and then I'm going to write at a coffee show. Doesn't that just sound like a wonderful day?

19. My house is clean and pretty (thanks to Paul)

20. Today's been a day resplendent with mental connections and patterns in sight, color, sound, and hidden meanings. I love days like that.

21. The shower at work this morning turned instantaneously hot instead of taking 10 minutes to warm up. I love hot showers. PLUS I didn't have to wait for someone else to get out of the shower...which is always nice.

22. Doing yoga - I love feeling the warmth spread out into my body and the release in tensed up muscles.

23. I'm really happy I'm spending Thanksgiving weekend with a friend. Paul and I are going to spend the weekend with Danae at her parents house. YAY!

24. I'm thankful for my health.

25. I love argyle. I was wearing an argyle sweater today and this pretty boy in the elevator this afternoon was wearing one and a girl had an argyle scarf on waiting for the bus on my bike route home. It's such a great pattern and fall is so perfectly compatible with it.

26. Coffee. Coffee is happy in a cup.

27. One of my coworkers and I chatted for a bit over lunch. She's amazing and every time I get to spend a little time with her, I'm a little happier. I respect her very much.

28. My organized closet (and my recent found ability to put my clothes away) makes my life so much easier and visually more pleasing.

29. I made great time from Freemont coming home on my bike even though there were winds and it was raining.

30. Nina Simone whispering sultry like in my ear while I watch red and golden leaves dance frantically around rain laden trees.

31. Yogurt, raisins, and granola for lunch. Little bits of fruit thrown in. SO good.

Starting out the mid morning/afternoon with this post in mind has been really unique. Try it someday. Try to come up with a large number of happy thoughts to write down later... your day changes for the better.

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