Saturday, November 14, 2009

Red and Black in the Dreary Gray Seattle Rain: Outfit Post #1

OK, so since I live in Seattle and I work a regular job....I never see the sun in the fall/winter. Which is why I won't be posting any pictures of my outfits when I really like them. I was insistant on taking some photos today even though I'm wearing the comfiest, least post-worthy clothes. There was no sun. It was also very cold and rainy today. It was difficult to get good shots with the lighting and the rain, but it's good enough for one of my first posts. I'm going to include posts of Paul's outfits as well, as - well - he ALWAYS looks put together.

Scarf - random shop somewhere in Seattle,
T-shirt - Threadless "Flowers in the Attic" - MY FAVORITE SHIRT
bead/silver bracelet - Thrift store
Red and Black Socks - Monster Store "Sock it to Me" socks
Converse Sneakers - Thrift store
Awesome freaking umbrella - vintage store
Jeans - consignment shop.

Paul's favorite camel colored 3/4 length coat yesterday when we went to breakfast at Besalu.
I love Besalu!
Amazingly warm casual coat he found while thrift store shopping with me yesterday.

I really love this outfit on him.
It's like the weather today in that it's very muted,
but he looks so good in it.


  1. Love the close up! If someone would have told me 10 years ago that you would be a fashionista, I would have lost money if I had bet on that! :) Good camera work too!

  2. I love the photos - adorable! I'm diggin' all the red and black in your outfit. And that is one gigantic umbrella you have there, lady. But I suppose you need one for Seattle's inclement weather.

    (P.S. Thanks for visiting my shop and for letting me know about your blog!)