Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Just how little?

I know I keep mentioning that I have no clothes. After reorganizing my clothes a while back I took photos of how minimalist my wardrobe is. And here it is. This is how little clothes I have. To be fair my socks, hose, and unmentionables are in my dresser. Along with 5 more pairs of pants/1 skirt. (And my lounge around the house clothes)

1/2 of this is my bike clothes (shorts, jerseys, and shirts)
1/2 of this is:
1. my casual shirts
2. my skirts

These are all of my
1. boleros/cardigan type things
2. work shirts
3. dresses

And that's all folks! I have the fashion bug,
but just not the clothes to take it to the next level at this time.

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