Monday, November 23, 2009

Birthday/Christmas Wish List

So it's my birthday in less than 2 weeks. Christmas is coming up. But I'm broke and poor and I've DESPERATELY been coveting things clothes/shoes/jackets/beads/etc... recently. It's frustrating that I can only very gradually acquire wardrobe items, but when I go to put them on I realize I have nothing else to go with them. Found a cute $1 skirt...but have no shoes (or blouse) to go with it. Found a beautifully white and black striped adorable cardigan-esque cotton jacket. But no shirt that will go underneath it it.


Anyway, I was making a list for others as to what I would like for Christmas (honestly, given the situation most of everyone is in financially, a smile/call/hug will suffice because that's about all I can afford now). But I figured it'd be fun to list some of the things I've been drooling over/would love to have. A list of "If I had a bunch of money to drop..."

And I've tried linking the photos to the websites....but it seems like it's having problems.

So chic. AND affordable. Amazing.

I have one pair of jeans right now. One. And they're baggy. So I want more jeans.

And that's the end of my completely consumeristic and silly want fest. I'm going to go back later and try to make all the stupid links work. Most of these were from or . Anyway, I've got a ton more posts to's just been super busy and stressful lately.


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  1. I love the oxfords in the second last pic! they're being added to my xmas list too!