Friday, November 6, 2009

I love accessories

Got to use my pretty red plaid umbrella today in the rain. Giant umbrella and massive winds = wondering if it's worth the trouble. LOL...But it IS so very pretty! I'll see if I can't take a picture or two of my outfit today, as I've gotten several comments/compliments on it. Which is really great. Although I'm kind of sad when I come to work and have to put away my umbrella, scarf, and coat, as they add so much to the outfit.

I'm realizing that accessories are really the amazing parts of outfits. Your clothes, unless they're so completely awesome like this outfit are much more of a good palette to work with. Different accessories can change the look of what you're wearing completely.

I LOVE this bag! paired with this hair flower it would be wonderful. I'm not sure it'd GO with this coral necklace pictured to the right, but it's something that's really powerful that I'd actually wear. It would have to be balanced with a more minimalistic outfit, but I like it! This necklace would be a more appropriate with the bag/hair flower. I like it's bulk, but also it's more simplistic elegant hints. (HA! and then I looked at the price. I'm SURE I can get something very similar to it for about $5 at one of the thrift stores around the city.) I love the fact that I can look at things for inspiration that are ridiculously expensive, but then find something close enough to it for less than $20 at a thrift store. Oh how I love shopping "green"!

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