Sunday, November 1, 2009


Change. Sometimes is smacks you in the face, other times it sneaks through the back door unnoticed and before you realize it, you're serving it beef bourguignon at the dinner table asking it if it'd like mineral water or red wine with dinner.

"Well hello Change. How long have you been here?"

I wasn't one who was very concerned with beauty or clothes when I was younger. I was adamant until 10 or so that I was a tomboy, not a lady. My favorite pieces of clothing when I was very young were a pink windbreaker, spandex knee length black shorts with fluorescent green lime stripes down the side (hey - I was 6 and it was the 80's). I had a pink cotton mini skirt until I was 11 that I wore until it literally fell apart. During my teenage years I wore blue or black clothing. That was the options. There weren't any other colors in my closet. I had no stamina for shopping for clothes and thought spending money on clothing was a waste of time, resources, and energy.

Oh how I've changed!

Paul and I had a beautiful day thrift store shopping today. We ate breakfast at a great place in Freemont and wandered around to a store called Junk, which was awesome, then wandered
in and out of some other vintage/thrift stores in the area and I had some great finds! It was an amazingly perfect day with sunshine and decent temperatures and I'm realizing I LOVE pretty things. I love accessories and fur coats and beautiful shoes. I love things that are pretty. Granted, most things I find are crap, but I don't like most clothing trends. I may be more excited by fun clothes, shoes, purses, and jewelry, but I'm really damn picky.

I found a great pair of black and red cowboy boots at LAVintage. I'm SUPER psyched because I've been looking for some black and red cowboy boots in my size for a long time and have never been able to find them. I checked out The Clothes Horse blog I follow and ended up there. That's another hint I've changed. I cannot imagine me 10 or 5 or even 3 or even 2 years ago daily checking out a clothing theme blog. Now, I search them out to find new ways to put clothes together to create an aesthetic that pleases me and reflects a bit of who I am. Please check out this 13 year old's fashion blog. Amazing.

This creation of a personal aesthetic did start when I was 14 or so. I'd sew together crazy combinations of pants to make my own, sew pop tabs into my jeans, wear paper clips for earrings and make pillow cases into skirts.

Now it's much different. Its not about shocking people, or being so different I stand out, or acknowledging since I don't fit in I will make it easy for everyone else to visually identify me as an outcast. Now I'm reflecting a vastly different aesthetic. I want elegance, subtle unique seamless beauty. I want pieces that are as comfortable as they are eye catching. I want to look effortless and at the same time completely put together, tied together, complete. Like I said, it's going to take time but honestly I've really loved everything I've gotten recently.

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