Monday, October 26, 2009

What I know about me.

Deep red colors sooth me and make me happy.
I buy clothes for their texture against my skin
more than I do for their flattering lines.
Hugs are more important than anything else to me.
I could live a while without food,
but I would wither away without physical affection.
I believe my words have power,
can soothe a wounded heart, show hope,
help someone know that they're loved
and not alone.
I love that my body is an instrument,
playing a soliloquy of emotive beauty dancing,
an intimate whispering dialogue with those I love,
that my smile is honest, true, and unrestrained.
I'm fascinated by the freckles that migrate and
populate my body like daisy's in the spring.
I know I'm scared to communicate sometimes
because I fear for the worst,
the unrealistic, implausible ramifications
that stop my words get caught in the middle of my throat.
And I instantaneously see beauty spirit in those
I know almost nothing about.
I ask a lot of questions because I don't want to miss out.
I follow whichever way my heart goes,
even though it doesn't clue me in to the why sometimes.
Late at night, I often feel so much for other people
I don't know how to let that out.
I refuse to spoil it with words,
although I desperately want a way to describe what I feel
so they know how important they are,
how inspired I am by the beauty
of them being exactly who they are.

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