Tuesday, November 10, 2009

If I were in lavender violet purple fantasy land

I would have amazing lavender violet purple clothes to lavish in every day. One of the best colors ever. I love it because, well, it looks good on me (who doesn't love that). It transforms my look into a more feminine allure and reminds me so fondly of my childhood. Curled up in my mothers lap, with one of her soft lilac fuzzy sweaters against me, I felt the most safe and loved as I ever had. And since my mother is in love with purple and I have tons of fond memories of her and I together, it's association as well. Purple=warm and happy.

...However, I really don't have much purple in my wardrobe except a shirt or two and a scarf (Again, withthe wardrobe being woefully inadequare). So I began poking around - what awesome other apurple/violet/lavender things could I get?

I loved the chunkiness of this belt, but the linear lines rock to accentuate narrow. Too many chunky belts make people look too large, since they don't connect linearly. I think this does it amazingly well.
The tights just rock. Can't argue with that

I would buy this lavender extravaganza dress.
And this skirt, even with it's ruffles and bows. 'Cause it's cute.
And this purple jacket, though tiny (couldn't find a bigger picture) looks fantabulous. I love, again, the linear elements of the buttons. A little sassy but stylish at the same time.

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