Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Awesome Things

So the desire to have all time be quality time has carried through into a few other aspects of my life.  I'm thinking a little differently about my life and the choices I make in it right now.  I've been thinking of life a little differently - I'm noticing the little things more and appreciating things I didn't necessarily pay attention to.  For instance, in the last 24 hours I've had these thoughts:

  1. Sleep soemtimes is less important than spending time with those you care about if you miss them.
  2. I'm inspired and my faith in humanity is restored when other people do selfless things for others simply because they are honest good people.
  3. Cuddling is awesome.  Period.
  4. Mornings are beautiful. Each day you wake up, you wake up from a little piece of unconcssious death and there's a whole new day for you to explore and enjoy.  It's corney, but it's true - it's this amazing gift, a blank canvas where you can do whatever you so desire (and live with the consequences later....that's important to remember)
  5. The early bird SOooooooooooooO gets the worm. Waking up to someone you care about putzing around is one of the most beautiful things you can experience.
  6. Coffee with cream has the most amazing texture and taste ever. 
  7. Giggling makes me happy.
  8. I love my bike.I love my bike.I love my bike. I love my bike.I love my bike.I love my bike.I love my bike.I love my bike.I love my bike.I love my bike.I love my bike.I love my bike.I love my bike.I love my bike.I love my bike.I love my bike.I love my bike.I love my bike..............................annnd I love my bike.  I went on a short ride over lunch and not only did I see a few friends also on their bikes, which makes me happy, I had a great time.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Pretty Pictures

There's a couple of great photos from a bike friend of mine that captures some of our fun times recently.  Cargo Bike Ride memorial day was awesome, except for a little altercation I had with railroad tracks that resulted in a sprained knee and some ER visits, but I'm healing up well.
http://www.flickr.com/photos/espressobuzz/sets/72157624094867065/ Cargo Bike Ride photos

A while back we all hung out at Sylvies for a little party - (the coordination guru for the Seattle Bicycle Music Festival).  http://www.flickr.com/photos/espressobuzz/sets/72157624103986455/

Seattle Bike Music Festival


Seattle bike Music Festival will be September 11th this year and I'm helping out.  Fundraising and Raising Awareness.....go check it out, there's some amazing things that're happening in the following months.  June 26th is the Rawk and Roll Alleycat Race and a Concert The Ride.  Come check it out!!!!!!!!!!

"The Seattle Bicycle Music Festival is a 100% non-profit, volunteer-run grassroots organization. We aim to promote cycling culture in general, and build community throughout Seattle by using art, music, and bicycles to bring people together.  The Mission of the Seattle Bicycle Music Festival is to promote sustainable culture in general and bicycle culture in particular, by physically engaging and immersing communities in the magic of bike culture, and cultivating and nurturing networks of local sustainable musicians, through our staging of usually free, community participatory, educational, bicycle-based music events"