Monday, November 2, 2009


More new thrift store purchases made today....a GREAT vintage red plaid umbrella that's huge and wonderful...$23! A crocheted beret, that was just to perfect to pass up, and a pretty lavender/blue/white silk scarf that I'm wearing tomorrow. I'm going to try to start taking some pictures to show the amazing finds I've been having. I went to this Vintage underground bazaar like place in Freemont. I saw a black version of this purse to the left that I was in love with at the store, but they, like Vintage Vixen that sports the above purse, want more than I want to pay for it.

Searching this evening online for vintage stores/outfits/ensembles, I ran across a couple of really cute/fun sites. There's this quirky "out fit in a kit" that's reasonably priced for an entire ensemble. Can you imagine how fun that would be for a job! I'll be checking back to see their rotating items. And this site Posh Girl Vintage has some amazing pieces!

I'm falling pretty hard for the vintage look right now. Loving the treasure hunt feeling, the great finds you can make for almost next to nothing, the relaxing time of sorting through a myriad sea of miscellaneous items, and the pure personality of all this fun stuff. The only thing that's a downer is that these olden days women were not only tiny waisted, but they had crazy small feet. :( So sad. However, I'd like to state for the record I do not believe "90's" stuff qualifies for vintage and that the 80's were generally the dark ages when it comes to fashion. Puff paint was never pretty.

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