Friday, December 18, 2009

You Tube Wanderings

Started out with....Draft Punk's Technologic - FANTASTIC HANDS, since while I'm filling out spreadsheets I sometimes like to rock out to this high awesome beat.  And the to their better harder faster stronger.  I quit that shortly because I started thinking about made me think about the best robot lesbian love music video ever....bjork of course, "All is full of love.  Then randomly went to ....Bad Romance from another blog I was purusing.  And then for some reason I thought of the LOVE SHACK.  And then on to Madonna Vouge.  LOL then "I'm too Sexy" song, which is just hillarious to think that so long ago I thought that was cool. Flashback to the 80's with "Footloose"...Then some meanderings to The Streets - Irony of it All and it's hilarious.  I love English street speak/rap.  So of course, I needed to hit up dans le sac "Thou Shalt Always Kill" which is freaking amazing.  And after some meandering I ended up on William Shatner's "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds".  Hilarious.

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