Sunday, December 6, 2009

Birthday Outfit Post

Ok, I read other fashion bloggers. I look at the pictures they've posted of their outfits. All I'm going to say is bear with me while I learn what poses are good, which aren't, etc... and thanks to Paul for taking these. The lighting is a bit much (finally - Sun came out in Seattle!), and Paul might fix them later on, but I'm horrible with editing photos, so I'm going to post as is.

There are a couple of things about this outfit. 1. Everything is given, made, or thrifted except for the tights (American Apparel).

Kerchif was thrifted for $6
Leather Jacket thrifted last year for ~$35?
Shirt given to me
"Key to my Heart" earrings and necklace made by me.
White pleated skirt thrifted for $2
Wide belt (a new bday purchase!) $2.75
Leather Gladiator Platform Shoes thrifted $30 - a little much for me and shoes, but they FIT and they're HOT.
Red Purse thrifted for $4

Check out the 2nd to last image - my eyes are so green!

My bday was wonderful. Thank you to all who called and wished me well! (especially my mom!) and thanks for the gifts! "Ranch Mom" (Paul's mom) gave me a beautiful flower hair clip similar to the one I wished for in an earlier post. Susan Mom (Rich's mom) was so kind and gave me a beautiful card with some finances that let me buy this wonderful belt, along with an Awesome Kenneth Cole Purse, which will show up soon - believe me. Thanks to everyone else!!!

I had a wonderful breakfast at Besalu - Seattle's best pastry shop with my neighbor Scott. Paul and I thrifted until Shana whisked Paul and I away for good coffee and a surprise massage which WAS AMAZING. Good beer and food at Die Bierstube. A night of couch cuddling and sleepy dreams awaits, so I must away!

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