Thursday, December 3, 2009

Wish Want Love Covet 2

I LOVE the pink and the little details

I REALLY want some more very feminine blouses.

Can't see the detail very well with this picture,
but this would also be a great versitile piece. The bow makes me smile.

This is AMAZING. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the roses.
SO sleek but feminine too. I love flouncy,
and I think I'd be able to pull off the flounsy-ness of it.

So adorable. Mink and Bow Headpiece. Yay.
A girl friend of mine and I went browsing last Sunday and she kept putting hats on me. We laughed like girly-girls. It was SO fun. She lives a couple states away and that makes me a little sad, because I LOVED hanging out/browsing with her. She's adorable like me in an alpha-female, don't take crap, but still giggly way.

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  1. Omg, that was about meeeeeee.
    <3 <3
    I missed your birthday. When I get through finals I'm going to do something about it, mmkay? I extend my apologies, my crazy is almost over.