Thursday, December 10, 2009

It could be worse....

Ok, Yesterday I was going to have a little MergleBurgleMucmbleSmchumble meandering about my morning blah and irritation the last couple of days thus far. But then I left to grab a bite to eat and in our elevators there are TVs (Horrible, I know, but it's my 30 seconds of news everyday) And the headline was New York: Man Stuck in Cesspool. I thought - Wow, that's got to suck. You know, my endless meeting minutes taking and typing isn't too bad. And the whole me-not-knowing-what-to-wear - pulling everything out of my closet, trying everything on, knowing if I don't PUT CLOTHES ON I'll miss my bus thing totally get puts into perspective. So. When you think you're day is sucking like nothing else, or you're just having a moderately "Meh" day. Think - it could be worse. You could be stuck in a cesspool.

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