Thursday, December 3, 2009

Boot and Belt Madness

I'm in love with boots, but with large feet (size 11, or 42 European) it's practically impossible to find good boots in my size. In face I frequently have to go to"slutty sites" is really the only appropriate term I can think of. Tranny sites also have my size in boots. Go figure. Anyway, I stumbled across this site which has some actually cute shoes in my size. Mmm.. add to the covet list. Ignore the half naked ladies that were included in the pictures. I will NOT be dressing like them.

And for the belts. I have ONE belt currently I bought in high school. I realized this morning that I am going to fantasize about having some more right now. Since my boyfriend originally got laid off in June, this is the first time I'm really feeling the >crunch<>
Back to the belts, though. I have a love hate relationship with them. I love the idea of them. I need them when I lose weight and my pants start to drape, but they hate to look good on me. I have to be SUPER careful about which belts I wear, as my curvy waist doesn't always look great in all belts, especially with the big and chunky bright belts which seem to be the most recent fad. I've been looking at every store I go to but nothing stands out to me. What can I say? I'm picky. But I think it's well worth it to be picky.

This is a wide belt I could totally dig.

I LOVE this "equestrian belt". Can't really explain why...the mild bondage aspect to it (I love that look), or the clean lines with the simple accents?

Gotta have a red patent leather belt in your arsenal.

Not sure if I'd wear this with my fashion aesthetic, but I'm intreguied by this Autumn Belt

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