Sunday, December 20, 2009

This is the Season's Abundance

So since the sun only comes out once in a blue moon around this time of year, outfit posts are rare.  Here's an outfit that I really like wearing with the abundance from this birthday/christmas bounty.  Part of what I like about it is the versatility in how it comes across.  Although I now need a skirt to go with my fedora.  The jeans were ok, but I'd love (well, jeans that fit) and something a little flareier.  If that's a word.                                        Oh!!!  AND I Got a new haircut - it's asymmetrical, spikilicious and I'm in love with it!

I LOVE these red and black cowboy boots and the purse
was purchased with the birthday gift from Mom Susan.

When I go dancing I wear the really pretty flower my Ranch Mom gave me,
sometimes in my hair, sometimes clipped to my clothes.
The streaks you're seeing in the photos are raindrops.

These earrings/necklace my mamma gave me and they're absolutely beautiful!

The hat I picked up at a placed called VAIN downtown
and I was totally stoked, because it was only $16 and I think it looks great on me. 

I also love this outfit, because take off the hat (so you can see my new haircut), pull the shirt off the shoulders and you get a great view of my first tattoo.

Shirt - thrifted Ross $8
Jeans - thrifted ? $13?
Vintage Boots - $40
Hat purchased VAIN - $16
Purse thrifted $20
Flower - gift
earrings/necklace - gift


  1. You're right - that hat DOES look great on you!

  2. LOVE the boots! I am desperately on the lookout for some kick ass boots.