Saturday, May 2, 2009

My Very Own

Paul and I walked into 2nd Ascent this afternoon so I could oogle the bike I was going to buy when my money came in.  We saw that the Kona's were 15% off and the sale was ending this weekend - which would translate into $135 savings on the price.  In (what seems like now) a whirlwind Paul offered to sport me the money until I got the rest of it in within the month and 


Mine, all mine and beautiful and glorious and fantastic and orgasmic.  I'm going now to switch out the components (fenders, pedals, etc...) and go for an "adjustment ride" to make it all silky smooth and beautiful and an extension of my body.  2009 Kona Jake red and black with white and yellow accents - it's beyond beautiful.  It's mine.  My first brand new bike that's not a loaner, not a hand me down, not a craigslist item, but a real honest-to-god beautiful sparkly new bike.  

And I have yet to name her.

1 comment:

  1. Awesome.

    When you're feeling ready, I can teach you to off-road on it. It's a little different on a cyclocross bike...