Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Naming and my Weekend.

My bike is now fixed - yay!!!!! I rode her in for my commute for the first day on Wednesday. It was quite nice (although raining and very winter like, just a touch warmer). The fatter tires and the violation of a seat need to go. Fat tires (cyclocross training tires) make it SO incredibly slow compared to the road tires I had on Andrew's Kona...which got switched out on very nice yes!!! And the seat - I'll just put it this way - there are certain seats out there that are a violation of all that is holy and cut off circulation in places that are really important. The stock seat my Kona came with is one of them. So I switched it out on Thursday it it was much nicer.... although the fit is .... off .... somehow. Getting better with every adjustment, but still more need to be made.

As for naming her, naming her has been very very very difficult. Nothing has quite.... fit. And it has to be right. I've considered a LOT of names: Paul had been calling her - "She-Who-Is-Being-A-Bitch-Right-Now" - true, very true, but not a name. Andrew voted for Naja "strong and stoic". Paul voted for Naava "Pleasant and beautiful" or Nenet "Goddess of the Deep" (found out that was actually a GOD and he was a super minor character, so that was out). I really thought about Nala, which means "Successful or Queen" in African. I mulled over Rowan "red-berry tree". I thought about Phoenix, but it's ...not quite right either. This is driving me nuts that I haven't found her name. I agree with Paul though about naming her requires an "epiphany" moment or a distinct impression with riding her and since she's a lot like Damian and I've not found her fit, and I've been really issue laden physically I haven't got that chance's got to come soon though, I feel like she's teasing me not letting me know her name.

Yes, naming a bike is this important to me. I never pretended that I wasn't a bit odd. Anyway, enough about the bike.

I went to the Opera on Saturday and had an absolutely AMAZING time. I saw the Marriage of Figero - I will do an in depth post later.

I talked to all my Mom's on Sunday (around 3 and two 1/2's ish I guess - mom who gave birth, step mom married to my dad. Susan-Mom, who was my former mother in law. Then the two 1/2s are Dee (mom who gave birth to me's wife) and Paul's mom, whom I talked to on the phone today and who is wonderfully responsible for the Opera outgoing). I love them all so much for very very different reasons. I do want to express now how wonderfully amazing Susan-Mom is and how I'm so thankful to have her in my life. She's really an amazing person and she is very dear to me. *big hugs to her* - and for all the other mom's who read this, this doesn't mean I love you any less/more, no jealousy! :)

As for how I'm doing with the medication business... doing better with the symptoms that have arose already, dealing with minor new ones now - fatigue, muscle soreness, achy joints. Riding my bike downtown and back yesterday and today (my typical commute) just about took it all out of me. My muscles feel like they do when I've got a really bad flu - achy sore and generally not-doing-much-at-all before I can't go anymore. *Sigh* So I'm really really really slow right now. And tired. But doing really well otherwise.

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