Monday, May 4, 2009


Again with the medication adjustment, again with the feeling ridiculously crappy, nauseous, dizzy, feverish, emotional, and just plain icky.

Today was particularly icky. Woke up this morning to make biscuits and gravy - which turned out pretty good, I need to make the biscuits bigger next time, but all in all it turned out well. I was feeling really weird and lethargic/out of it. I went down stairs to switch the clipless pedals back from Iri to the new Kona this morning and the right pedal kept screwing in weird. (After further review tonight the pedal hole threads on the right hand crank are stripped - - how, I don't know since I wasn't forcing them on there. So now I have to make a trip to 2nd Ascent tomorrow to have them fix it - my brand new bike. FSA crank arms suck. I'm going to get a better crank set when I can.) End result is that I took the bus and between some confusion at work and the fact I increasing felt like poo on a stick, today really ranked superfragalastic on the craptastic scale.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

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  1. It's kind of a bummer that Kona had to put some cheesy components on the Jake to make it fit the price point. I think it's a pretty kickass frame and the wheels have been holding up well too. But they definitely cut some corners, and it's quite frustrating.

    Not sure if it's that all FSA cranks are cheesy or just the ones that go on bikes like ours. Anyway, it's definitely a worthwhile frame to hold onto and maintain and upgrade.