Wednesday, May 13, 2009

On the Road Again

First of all - I went and saw Wolverine last night. It was *maybe* a C-, mostly a D+, but Hugh Jackman rocks my world so much he in that movie = A++++. Mostly because he's delicious, beautifully ripped, and in several scenes barely covered :) For those of you who don't see Hugh Jackman as a delicacy, I'd wait until the movie comes out on video.

On the up note, it seems (for the most part and I'm REALLY crossing my fingers on this) that the worst has passed from coming off the anti-depressants. My joints don't hurt nearly as much today and I had energy and pep this morning. (and apparently was very talkative in my sleep last night)

So now that the world has quit reeling for the most part - I'm on the road again to my weight loss goal. I've lost around 40 lbs and I've got the last 40 lbs or so left to go. I've not gone anywhere for a couple of months in between the thyroid medication migration+ the sprained ribs+ Vicodine+ getting off anti-depressants. My goal is to get to my target weight by October 31st - to be able to wear something sexy for Halloween just because I can. That results in a little less than 2 lbs/week which is in the healthy and achieve able range (but the schedule does mean I can't lose any time, I need to lose something every week).

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