Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday... race pictures, news, and names.

Beautiful awesome pretty day outside. Went to Andrew's race today and putzed around. Ended up trying out clipless pedals on the mountain bike for the first time, but more trial will be needed to see if it's good or not. Then I had a really nice picnic with Paul and got all sleepy and a little sunburned. It's absolutely GORGEOUS in Seattle right now. I love it.

Anyway, like usual, Andrew rocked and took 8th place in his division and 17th overall out of the "sport" category (which had over 50 people in it). It was totally fun to see everyone at a real race, as the Wednesday night things aren't a really races per se. I've mulling over my thoughts on racing and I'm sure there will be a post later on in the future fleshing out my mullations. Anyway - I took some awesome pictures and will share:

This is by far my all time favorite picture of Andrew so far.

Group shot of all the "sport" people going off.

And some random thoughts from Friday:
I'm not prone to terror (or fear for that matter) this whole swine flu thing isn't a joke, but I don't freak out like some people around the office/country are, but according to Zombizim (deriving from Swine flue) is going to arise and your loved ones are going to attack bummer.

News (or fake news) is totally wacky. I get 20 seconds of news in the morning in the elevator on the way up to my office (yes, there's tvs in the elevators here) and one of this week's top storieswas .... BARBIE GETS A TATTOO!!! Not just a shoulder tattoo, but a tramp stamp. Totally lame that that's more "important" than, I don't know...just about everything else.

And possible names for my bike:

Nia "Champion" Celtic/Gaelic

Naava "Pleasant Beautiful" Hebrew

Nala "successful" African

Naja - "Strong and stoic" African

Adah - "beautiful addition" Hebrew
Adina - "beautiful adorned" Hebrew

Naveen "Beautiful Pleasant" Celtic/Gaelic

Davina "Beloved" Celtic/Gaelic

Nenet "Goddess of the Deep" Arabic

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  1. I like "Naja." Of all the partners I could have for a cyclocross race, that would be descriptive of the best possible one.

    PS. I'm totally stealing those pics of me. Giving credit, though.