Monday, May 18, 2009

May 18th

Life has thrown up in my lap recently, but it'll be all good in the end. They laid of people at my work = more work for me :( but a stable job :) with a stable income :) :) as Paul got laid off on Friday, that's important. We'll be ok for a year on what I make/savings/his supplemental income, etc... and he's going to try to write professionally, which I'm really psyched about. Susan Mom told me Grandma Houghton died, which is one of those good and bad things as she was old, had dementia and had recently broke her hip. So a busy life changing weekend.

And today is what would have been Rich and I's 2nd Anniversary.
Happy Anniversary Rich.

I watched Zombie Honeymoon tonight,
the worst movie ever made,
because he thought it was a riot
and we watched it the night/night after we got married.
I miss him.

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