Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hugs all day long

So . . . . gave myself an early birthday present (I know, it's two months early. I'm aware of this.) I was grumpy and pms-y feeling quite blehck for the last day or so. I completely rearranged my closet and the bedroom. Figuring I'd put the grumpitude to good productive use. And I was getting more and more frustrated with the fact that in the past year I've only gotten rid of clothes, bought new clothes, only to lose weight to where THOSE new clothes were too big as well. I separated the goodwill clothes from the trash clothes from the possible consignment shop clothes. And I was left with the blah clothes that are universally bland, but fitable and a few good pieces. Standing back from my work I was shocked.

I. Have. No. Clothes.

I barely take up one side of the closet. My boyfriend has more clothes than I do. That's wrong. Granted, it's because I was (and am again) losing weight so buying expensive clothing isn't really practical since I'll grow out of it. Plus, Paul is a fashionista who has an amazing wardrobe.
But damn it - I should have SOME clothes. And I was aching for that beautiful corset I tried on a few days ago. Paul and I were having a meandering day on Sunday (although he's getting sick, :( I'm sorry for giving him my bug). But we managed to meander downtown to Diva Dollz and after a happy hour or so of trying on and sampling and discussion - I GOT A CORSET!!!!!!!

It's pretty and I love it! It's like a good hug, all day long.

I love this shot.

Ignore my face part, but this is a great shot of the back of the bolero and the lacing on the corset.

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