Friday, October 16, 2009

Beautiful Find

So I bought a cheap "corset" a week ago. Totally great find, stretchy and comfortable, beautiful and pretty. I was waiting to find the right way to wear it where it would be practical and comfortable. I found a blouse it fit under and wore it today.

It's Amazing and it's not even a real corset. There's this great shop downtown called Diva Dollz a block away from my work, so I sauntered down there over my extended lunch break and spent an hour trying on corsets and getting the low down on them. I am beyond in love with them. I've now found something I am in ecstatic joy absolute amazed aplomb serenity with. I like them. A lot. Obviously, real corsets aren't cheap. And they require things like pretty dresses to put on under them and heels to wear with them. So I'm on a mission. To find and obtain corset ok clothes and to buy a gorgeous hand selected corset made to my order in the color of my choice next month and I CAN'T WAIT.

I have to say, wearing a corset for even that short amount of time, and my faux-corset feels so supremely different than anything else I've ever experienced. And they're SO pretty on me. The shape of my body lends itself very well to the fit of it and it's very supportive and secure and feminine.

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