Thursday, October 15, 2009

Who Knew?

Today is a *sigh* day.

I was warm and cuddly and supremely happy this morning until alarms started going off...I turned my alarm off on the first buzz. There's something about the love of your life swarthed in warm blankets, soft and cuddly beside you and you're dreaming peacefully, sleeping well, happily drifting off into the land of Nod. It was a Herculean effort this morning to leave that nest of sublime. I frequently came back to it after dressing, getting my bag together, and then again and again. It's a crime to take someone away from that. Shame on the world for making me wake up.

I'm learning more AutoCAD tasks at work right now (the drafting program architects use). It is probably THE most difficult program I've ever encountered. Non intuitive. I'm happy to be doing things that have a direct impact on the building when it gets built, but doing these tasks are super time consuming and invariably it makes my brain violently overfried. hehehehe...I got to change the colors of numbers that might be used quite a bit on all of our drawings. I got to pick a color for the mandatory things...and guess what?? It was red :)

On the bright side, we're going to the OPERA! tonight - which makes me SUPER happy!!!!!!!! My 3rd one. Only problem is that I didn't ride in because, well, we're going to the opera and Paul isn't riding back because his headlight's in the shop. So I've bussed in to work and will bus home afterwards with him. We're getting back late too, so I can't work out at all today. Which, ironically enough, really is bugging me. Where is my outlet????!!??? 5 days of doing something consistently and I'm having withdrawals in less than 12 hours. Phghlskfjdffftt.

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