Monday, August 31, 2009

Fun with the Blues

So this weekend was fun. There was lots of cancelling and changing of plans, but that's the way I operate. I change my mind constantly, but I do that because I want to do things that make me happy. And what makes me happy changes ... well ... minute to minute :)

Anyway, the end result is that Shana and I went blues dancing Friday night at Little Red Studio. Which was an awesome space. I just found out they have an open poetry mic night on Sunday evenings and in a couple of weekends I want to go.

I remember how much I love blues dancing. It's fun and it's very cathartic. Lots of touching and booty shaking makes me happy.Getting to touch/be touched by a lot of different people in a fun safe contex is great. You don't even really have to talk to them :) Although there are people I've grown to enjoy being around. It's active and releasing and just plain relaxing, even though you sweat like crazy and my back and thighs feel the burn the next day.

I've been itching for some free time by myself though, and was happy to have some on Sunday. I'm reading A Room of One's Own by Virgina Woolf and really enjoying it. It appeals to both my feminist and writer sides.

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