Monday, August 24, 2009

Busy Weekend!

Doing really well! So freaking busy this weekend though that I was looking forward to going back to work so I could relax a bit. Friday was writing/hanging out with Shana and Nick at a coffee shop. Was able to drink some hard cider without ill effects the next day. Saturday we all went out to see District 9, which was really violent, but I liked it. Then we went to Owl N' Thistle, which was a great Irish bar downtown and then went back to my neighbors to watch some Six Feet Under and hang out. I went home and crashed. Sunday we got up early, biked downtown for crumpets at Pike's Market with a bunch of friends and the went on a hike on Kathrine, which was beautiful (I'll post pictures I took from there later), came home and did grocery shopping. Whew!

Good thing was that the hike didn't totally wipe me out. I'm sore today, but not CCS sore or can't-stand-up-because-it-hurts sore. Just warm muscle sore. I biked in this morning and did my commute in 32 min, which is great timing ~5 min more than my best time. I felt GOOD this morning too!!

A lot of this is about a week of following some simple rules outlined in Mastering Leptin, a book someone recommended to me. It outlines a hormonal resistance that is self-perpetuating that leads to being perpetually overweight, hypothyroidism, fibermyalgia, and sinus problems (Hello. That's me.) It's pretty basic stuff, but there's a few differences from anything else I've read. And most of it centers around timing.

So I've followed the basics, (for the most part). I'm learning what triggers my fatigue and feelings of CCS. Sugar (in all forms, but especially in candy, crap, high fructose corn syrup, and stuff like that) and simple carbs (like bread, french fries, popcorn, etc...) really makes me crash and robs me of energy. Things like bran don't effect me so much. A lot of this has to do with glucose levels. I haven't had any soda or diet soda or most anything with sugar in it. My diet's been mainly vegetables, protein and a little complex carbs. Trying to get only three meals a day in to allow the maximum amount of time for my body to create a rhythm for maximum fat burning. Plus, I try not to eat right before I go to bed - to allow 3 hours before I go to sleep. This scheduling thing has been the most difficult. My life and/or activity and/or energy levels don't allow me to always do that, but I'm working towards it. Plus, I've been doing tons more exersize than I used to. Anyway I've lost a couple pounds recently, but really been doing SO much better energy wise. Yay for me!

Oh and related to this is is a scary - just plain scary story.

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