Friday, September 4, 2009


So I'm heading out bright and early tomorrow morning to fly down to California (Sonoma County) to visit Paul's Mom. Very excited. I'm looking forward to sunshine and hammock and animals. Hammock is a funny word. Oh, and not being at work. That makes me happy too. Although work's been better lately. More communication, less angry bitchy people snarking at me.

I could go into detail about how I've been doing this week, but I'm tired. That's mainly what I've been doing. Monday friends came over, we went out and drank beer and ate burgers... then stayed up WAY too late. Although mostly Shana's napagens seeped into the couch, spreading, making the gravity well deeper and deeper..... So for about an hour we all just crashed, talking.... It was nice to see my couch loved, so I took pictures. Shana's in the middle.

I crashed out on Tuesday for an hour and a half then couldn't get to sleep again until 3 in the morning. Went out again on Wednesday for more people socializing and coffee and beer and couldn't sleep at all Wednesday night. I ended up in an insomnia-tic stupor, felt like absolute crap on Thursday, calling in sick and sleeping all day/waking up for a few hours to make cookies/then sleeping again. I'm feeling a little achy and groggy and general CCS hints, but that's understandable since I had such a f'd up sleep schedule all week. I feel like this week just disappeared. Too much to do, too little sleep, then too much sleep really messes with me. So if I'm anti-social and grumpy at times....forgive me.

Anyway, there's been the amazing amounts of wonderful socializing with friends and that's made me very happy. On the search now for more to share in the wealth. Currently, though, I need a break. I'll be really happy to go see Paul's Mom and chill for a bit. Not have to be anywhere or do anything but enjoy a state I've never been in. That's right. I've never been to California. I'm rectifying it within 24 hours, for serious, so lay off :)

I like Paul's mom. She's very unique, strong, and honest. So many qualities Paul has I see in her. I'll enjoy spending a weekend with if you don't hear from me until next Thursday....that's why! We're getting back on Tuesday, but Wednesday is Paul and I's anniversary. One year. I'm very happy. He really is the most wonderful guy - beautiful for me.

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