Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Wanderings through the past

I've been cleaning up my massive photo index, and it's slightly nostalgic - here are a few really pretty ones.
Okay, not super pretty, but it's one of my all time favorite photos of Rich and I up at Hurricane Ridge - same time the photo of Paul was taken (see the side of the page).

This used to be my kitty - Puk - named after the mischievous little troublemaker in A Midsummer's Nights Dream. I miss him.

This was taken on my honeymoon about 2 years ago in the National Rain Forest. That places like this exist a few hours away - the Northwest is an absolutely enchanting area. Except right now. It's been stupid cold lately which has prevented me from riding my bike (I don't have warm enough clothes to ride). I. AM. READY. FOR. SPRING. I really can't wait until the hiking/camping season starts so I can spend more time in areas that look like this. Ahhhhhhhhh............

But for right now I guess I'll have to settle for the pictures of the ocean and the warm beautiful green forests. This is called Beach #4 or something ridiculously simplistic like that. It's north of Ocean Shores, and is absolutely one of my favorite view points. The natural environment around here is soulful. It takes your breath away and makes your heart break a little with it's beauty.

As an update/side note: I'm having some issues with my body/thyroid lately - I'm making an impromptu trip to the doctor tomorrow. On one hand, I love my body and what it can do, but totally find it to be WAY too needy and temperamental lately. It's not cooperating with me. :(

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