Sunday, March 1, 2009

More Happiness

Friday was amazing - after some initial forgetfulness and hectic work time and missing the right bus and ending up walking a ways to Le Gourmand, I had an AMAZING dinner!!  I had the chef's taster menu paired with wine.  It was a three hour experience and cost around $300 for two people - with four cocktails added to that beforehand.  So you could reasonable eat there for $100 if you just got an entree and appetizer.  If you're in Seattle - save up some money and GO THERE.  

Saturday - Ahhhhh.... woke up still full and happy from the night before - I slept like a log that night!  Paul and I went to Besalu and I was going to read for a while and hook up with Andrew to go mountain biking at noon, but I was itching to get on the bike, so called him around 10 and biked to his place.  We drove to St. Andrews and did about 9.5 miles.  IT WAS AMAZING!!!!  Moguls are my FAVORITE - which are little dirt hills that allow you to get some MAJOR air.  It was beyond beautiful.  I had a few falls/mishaps.  I violently hugged a tree (no major damage),  I went off a kicker into a drop, wasn't expecting it and was going WAY too fast for the next kicker that was *right* after that, so tried to stop and ended up flying over my handle bars and landing in brush.  I was actually really happy with this one experience where I lost control of the bike, got my left leg hooked in the bikes frame, hopped around on my right foot, finally hit the ground with my left, then somehow hooked my right foot up underneath the seat around the post, almost fell again, then somehow managed to keep upright and keep going.  I love that I can lose control like that, and somehow keep my bike up and keep going. :)  

The end result is that I love mountain biking!!!  It's hard.  It's a lot of work and technically difficult.  But it's totally worth it.

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