Monday, March 23, 2009

Busy Weekend!

So this weekend both rocked and sucked.  Saturday was super fun.  Andrew had a mountain bike race, and I got to ride Iri (my new mountain bike) on real trails for the first time on some trails and dirty her up.  Plus, Sunday I did the longest ride I've ever done.

Saturday was really cool.  Andrew, Paul, and I headed out around 7:20ish after strapping Iri to the back of Andrew's truck.  We *just* made the ferry and went to Port Gamble, which is far north and kind of out in the middle of nowhere.  There were only about 20 people racing, 8 or so girls, 12 or so boys.  What was totally awesome about it was:

1. There was a lot of girls there, and I got to talk to them about bikes. I've never really got to talk to girls who bike, it's really predominated by the boys, and seeing so many of them out there was really awesome.

2. I forgot how AWESOME the before/during/after competition glow is.  Even though I wasn't racing, and not even really watching Andrew since it was a 14 mile out and back lap, I got to be there to be his cheerleader, something Paul's going to be doing a lot of in the next few years.  Seeing him suit up, register, warm-up, get started, and his "coming down" routine really reminded me of all of the awesome feelings I had when I competed in debate and forensics.  I LOVED the excitement, the focus, the anticipation, the dedication and mind obliterating absorption into what you did, then the come down afterwards, the routines and the butterflies and the glow of doing well.  I'm looking forward to getting to experience that again.

3. There was deep soul sucking mud I played around with forever while Andrew was mountain biking - Paul got some great pictures of both him and me.  

Before we got to the mud - this is me.  Happy.  On my Bike.  :)

Me fighting ferociously to keep Iri going through the deep icky mud. more mud!  
I like how the picture has my face in focus 
and the legs/wheels all blurry like I'm going super fast.

Here's a picture of Andrew starting and finishing....he did awesome!
He's the guy in red in the middle.

And a Mud Flecked Andrew finishing first in his age division!

I'm going to enter into the really chill lax competitiveness mountain bike races out near Sea-Tack that are going to happen on Wednesday nights starting in April.  I'm not sure I'm going to be ANY good at all - my thyroid is a little worse lately which is KILLING my ability to do...well most of anything with my body.  Anyway, I figure it'll be great to practice racing, increase my technical skills, and really push myself.

Saturday was bad because I didn't eat enough, and my body/emotions had a minor breakdown. I had a really bad evening and was exhausted.  It sucked, but whatever.

Sunday was great because I did 79 miles on the road bike.  That's right - 79 miles.  I was still feeling really blah from my body being stupid, and wasn't really into going out, but I wanted to do 76 (to beat Paul's record) and so I started and rode, and rode, and rode....and then eventually finished.  I did the Lake Washington loop with a lot of deviations (cutting out the big hill on Juanita).  
The sucky part of Sunday was that on the long ride my right knee started complaining 25 miles in, 55 miles in started really complaining, started screaming at 65 and then really was crunchy Monday morning, but is working itself out this afternoon.  It was a long day and oddly enough, I expected to feel more Go Me! after doing 79 miles.  But I kind of just feel like, "Yep, I did a long ride."  I suppose I'll feel another Go Me! when I pass 100.  

It was definitely a busy weekend!

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