Saturday, March 14, 2009

slugging through the cookies and pie

The last couple of weeks I've felt like I've been slugging through the mud. I went on a new medication and the new meds block the uptake of the thyroid meds. Two weeks ago I started feeling run down, lethargic, sleepy, and kinda moody. This past week got more brutal. Muscle aches, joint pain, insanely tired but had an inability to sleep, mood swings, severe forgetfulness and mental fogginess, blah blah blah... last Wednesday was really bad so I went to see the doctor on Thursday and told her I was reverting back to how I was before I went on thyroid medication.

I don't want that. I like feeling healthy. A lot. I like having energy to do all that I want to, and the mental capacity and attitude to be happy and enjoy everything wonderful life has to offer. Anyway, I'm now on my way to feeling better, but it's going to take some time. And in the meantime, I just have to deal.

It's frustrating to have my body fight against me on this front. I just want it to work. It could be worse - I could have lupus or diabetes. But sometimes I feel like I'm biking in the mud alongside people who are sprinting by on nice paved roads. I could go faster if conditions were better. But right now I can't. So now I try not to do anything to irritate it, take it easy, try not to let it take over my thoughts, focus instead on the things I can really enjoy.

Part of doing things I really enjoy is baking. I made cookies on Saturday for people I love and appreciate - Elsa (a coworker I'm baby-sitting for this evening), Andrew, and Paul. Chocolate Chip and Chocolate Chip/Walnut Cookies. They rock. I really LOVE baking. It combines anal retentiveness of having the right amount of ingredients with the right processes. I get to mash chocolate chips into cookie dough with my hands, which feels really awesome, and I get to share my love with other people through good food. One of my all time favorite things to do. (thanks to mom, dee, and grandma mary for that). My mom is an amazing baker and I'm definitely her daughter.
Picture of Mom and I at the wedding in '07

Sunday I made this really kick-ass apple pie with the best crust I've ever made. Right now I'm arguing with Rich's old point and shoot trying to find the right cords for it so I can start taking some more recent pictures. When I get it up and running, there will be MUCH more photos - of pie and cookies and me :)

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  1. There is an aphorism to keep in mind: "The greater the resistance, the greater the persistance." Or something to that effect. Also, I AM going to be sending you a picture one of these days that will necessitate the left half of this photo to be Photo-shopped. ;)