Sunday, March 15, 2009

My bubba

I talked to my brother on Sunday. When we were kids he always called me "Sissy". I had to put a stop to that when we started going to the same high school - now I kinda miss it, so I call him bubba. Every time I talk to him now I realize how much I appreciate having a brother.

I abused the heck out of him when we were kids, buried him in the dirt, would tie him up and leave him in the closet when he wanted to "play", and once an attempt at a tap dance lesson ended up at the ER. Since he didn't do put his feet in the right places, I picked up both of his feet at the same time. He cracked his head into the door frame and we ended up at the hospital. It wasn't a big deal - he ended up cracking his head open a bit - the doctors told Mom and Dad to give him two Tylenol and call them in the morning if it was worse. I was just pissed off that I had gotten into trouble when it was his fault he wasn't graceful enough to tap dance right. To put it mildly, I was a hard sister to live with. Now that we're "all grown up", I'm realizing how much I really love him and how I really appreciate our relationship.

But the purpose of the post is to point out James wanted a correction made. He isn't lazy - he is unmotivated. :) Office Space came to mind.
A picture of my brother with his girlfriend this past year.

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