Monday, February 23, 2009

Tracking week of 2.22.09-2.28.09

Wednesday 2.25.09
SLEEP: after blues dancing I got to bed at 2:30 am and woke up at 7 am (NOT GOOD) = 4.5 hours sleep
FOOD: 1590 (-390 off target)
walked 1 mile zone 2 = 80 calories
Biked 6.5 miles home = 300 calories **pedaling techniques/balancing on bike
Tuesday 2.24.09
SLEEP: 9 pm -5:30 am = 8.5 hours sleep
FOOD: 3178 (+668 calories off the target), I ate dinner with Paul at a really nice restaurant, worth every bite and calorie. :)
AM commute-6.5 miles = 300 calories burned
Treadmill - Cardio Zone 2 = 210 calories burned
Blues Dancing = 400 calories
Monday 2.23.09
Sleep: 9 hours
Food: 2110 calories
Exercise: none (recovery from yesterday, but also switching to a new training schedule).
Felt: physically felt really good, but got kinda sleepy/cranky later on in the day. It was really nice having the evening to myself as Paul went to see Andrew Bird, but I wasted a bit of it by sleeping ;)
Sunday 2.22.09
Sleep: 10.5 hours
Food: 2497 calories, should have reached 3850 for the amount of exercise I did, but fell asleep before I could eat much else
Exercise: 45 miles – 33 of which were the chilly hilly.

Sunday was a very good day.

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