Saturday, February 21, 2009

Day Off/Tracking

This was my day off - I typically sleep A LOT on my day off, especially if I don't feel well (and until I got done with my nap, I didn't feel great today.) Sleep is really good for me and I LOVE IT.

I felt guilty a little bit because I had originally planned on doing mountain biking with Andrew for 1/2 of the day and bowed out because of my ankle. In the back of my head when I was watching a movie with Paul or going grocery shopping I kept thinking, I should read the rest of the book, find out my training load, and start outlining my training plan. The long term goal of finishing a cyclocross race in the fall and hitting my century, losing the weight so I have a better ratio of power to mass, and keeping on top of training is definitely a constant murmur amidst all I do. But I also REALLY enjoy having a day where I do nothing but catch up on sleep, have fun, and don't intentionally think about biking. There's just not enough time in a day, or week, or month, for me to do all I want/need to do. :)

Anyway, tomorrow's the Fucking Hills Race/Chilly Hilly Paul and Andrew are doing (33 miles of hills) Paul's not "racing", Andrew sort of is. I'm going downtown, to the island, see them off, putz around a bit, then bike back to the apartment, drop off my bag, and start in on my 75 mile ride. I'm hoping laying off my ankle and chilling out today will allow me to do it without issue. Paul bought me an odometer, so I actually should be able to keep track of how far I ride from now on.

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  1. When you lose a day of training because you have a physical problem you don't want to aggravate, you lose one day.

    When you insist on training that day anyway, you have the potential to lose many days if you turn it into a full-blown injury.

    So no guilt. I also believe very strongly in at least a day a week of not training.