Saturday, February 21, 2009


So Andrew lent me his book of Base Building for Cyclists by Thomas Chapple. Really enlightening. The following is my thoughts/calculations that came out of the book

As a matter of record (having the information down), I have no idea what I originally started out at in July of 08, but in November of 08 I was at 37.5% body fat (I was VERY unhappy with that) and have dropped it down to 34.5% as of the end of Jan 09. My goal is to be at 20%.

Doing the whole figuring out the total necessary number of calories according to the books calculations (conservative estimates on how many calories I expend in my exercise) it says I should be sitting at 2412 calories. The trainer I was with said I should be shooting for 1500 calories a day. As this is around a 900 calorie difference, I'm going to go off of what I KNOW works as a baseline for me. When I wasn’t doing a lot of physical activity 1600 cals a day was awesome – I wasn’t hungry and I lost weight at a reasonable pace. So that means 1600+600 for biking (for biking into work) +100 for exercise (if I lift weights/run/dance)= 2300.

Goals should be:
Calories: 2300 (adjusted to my activity level EACH DAY - don't bike in, cut 600 cals, bike 75 miles, increase calories accordingly.)
Fat: 690
Carbs: 1035
Protein: 575
Water: 144 ish oz

Other things I learned: I need to increase my iron since I have a propensity to be anemic. To do that I need to cut down on the coffee and get more calcium to increase absorption. As well as drinking A LOT more water. I got kinda lost with VO2 max and lactate maximum/UTT thresholds and the like. I have a feeling I'm going to read this book many times during the next couple of years and focus more on different parts each time.

I want to be the best I can. I want to have the courge and the determination and the resolve to do what I think I can't, and then keep going. I want to be proud of what I've accomplished.
After much debate, I'm going to track the hell out of everything for training purposes, but not going to post all the crap here, as this should be more of staying in touch with people.

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