Monday, April 6, 2009

YAY for Spring....and learning...

(taken from my 40 mile ride on Saturday....I love fields of daises!)
It makes me so happy to see all this beautiful sunshine and flowers and hear the birds chirping after the insane rain-gray-cold-rain-rain-MORE GRAY that has been dominating the weather here for the last (what feels like) forever.  It's like someone flipped a switch and it's all sunny and pretty and warm outside.  If it weren't for trying to keep up a training schedule where I need to take days off the bike, someone would have to take a pry bar between Damian and I to separate us.  

And HERE'S DAMIAN!  Isn't he pretty!!

I also learned a lot today - I worked out a training schedule and worked on doing a moving mount and dismount on my bike.  It's hard and will take lots of practice, but if I start now, I figure I'll only face plant a couple of times when the cyclocross season starts in September/October.  

Learning is hard :)  I had to laugh when I noticed something stuck in the brake caliper device and realized it was a small chunk from my leg.  It's the first time I've broken skin on my bike, other than some tiny scratches mountain biking.  

p.s. I've known for a while now that I'd need to quit smoking if I wanted to race competitively and after last Wednesday I was made *painfully* aware that smoking and racing = stupidity.  So tonight I will have finished the pack I'm on and I'll be two days of healthy lungs in when I race on Wednesday.  

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