Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy Days are Here Again

Woo - Hoo!

The increasingly grumpy Amanda morphed into a really content Amanda yesterday afternoon and a super bouncy happy go lucky humming joyfilled Amanda this morning. All this happy started when I picked up the rear wheel for my road bike yesterday after work. Who would have thought my unhappy state could be resolved between 1. getting my road bike back up and running and spending some time on the bike (not in pain) 2. spending some quality time with the guy I love.

It's amazing how different I am grumpy vs. happy. I have an appetite again, I had a beer last night (I don't like drinking when I'm grumpy), I'm not growling at passerby's in my I'm humming bap-de-boop-doop all day. Everything looks brighter and more awesome.

And I'm in LOVE with my new rear wheel/tire. Andrew's fast road bike's rear hub had issues, so he snagged the one on the Kona and I got his Lemond's rear wheel/racing tire after it was fixed. Oh My! Delicious delectable beauteous happy happy joy joy feelings overwhelmed me when I put the new rear wheel on the bike and went for quick 6 mile ride yesterday. It's fast and quick and corners well - it's like floating on lighting - and has amazing traction and I SWEAR my avg. milage has gone up 1 if not 2 mph. I was booking along at 16 mph all yesterday and most of this morning. In fact, I passed people going UP Dexter Hill this morning. :) It was awesome.

I'm looking forward to this weekend too. A friend of mine I haven't seen in a while is coming over for dinner on Saturday night. Sunday I'm going for a long ride with Paul and Susan (maybe). It's supposed to be "mostly sunny" on Sunday with a high of 67 degrees. That's a heat wave! That's beautiful! That's definitely long ride weather :)

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