Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wish Want Love Covet 4

Pretty and Elegant.  I like jewerly, and have been wearing more of it more often, but I tend to stay to my tried and true favorites that are comfortable so I'm looking for more things that are pretty and basic and versitile....


I'm also growing out my hair as a part of a multiple layer promise to myself on several things.  I can see my bangs now - which is a little weird.  And it's quickly going to get to that "In-my-face-I-hate-it-it's-driving-me-nuts" stage.  Which isn't really a stage for me so much as a year long patience trying endurance test.  There are reasons I'm doing this that superceed the irritation factor.  It is worth it.  However, I need things to make it pretty during this stage and ways to keep it out of my face....and that means BARRETTES!!!! And HAIRBANDS!!!

This one is pretty, black and white to be versitile, elegant, and sparkly.  Though my frienship with Elizabeth, I'm gaining an appreciation for sparkly things.

 I LOVE love love LOVE flower barrettes and this one is so feminine and I love the colors.

I enjoy tortishell.  I think the rich honey color goes well with my skin and really love the sparkly bits.

Again - Elegant, black and white, soft and feathery.  Pretty Pretty.


There is a theme here...... And these are actually two combs facing eachother, so it would be strong enough to hold my fine hair.  I don't have very thick hair, so most clips and barrettes slip right out. 

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  1. They're all absolutely wonderful. I especially adore the first one. Believe it or not, I used to wear the flower hair clips when I was in high school.