Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What Helps?

Stress.  You know, that thing that's the leading contributor in more major health disorders than I can count.  Constant stress wears you down, breaks you down, physically and mentally. Check it out.  I mean, the long term effects of chronic or perpetual stress is pretty freaking bad.  Seriously.

There's reasons for it though.  Stress is a great indicator of when things are bothering you.  It's a motivator sometimes to address the issue at hand that's stirring up that Fight or Flight response.  Soooooo...I've been working on ways to identify what things calm down stress, or help me deal with it.

1)I learn to notice stress for the indicator that it is, identify the root cause, and realize it's a message and opportunity to change my life for the better, not something I have to live with forever.

2) Have a good cry. Science says that tears actually get rid of chemicals in body created by stress. 

3) Don't deny or repress your emotions, this only compounds stress.

4) Get a massage

5) Use meditation, and/or creative visualization.

6) Get plenty of rest.

7) Take a vacation - 30 minutes, a day, a weekend! Doing nothing or something I love and find relaxing.

8) Dance.

9) Simplify my life in stages. If someone or something habitually causes me stress, I need to examine their presence in my life.

10) Laugh and have fun with someone.  BE SILLY!

11) Remember I still have power over the attitude I take towards the circumstances in my life.

12) Face up to what's causing the stress until it isn’t stressful anymore.

13) Do something nice for someone else.

14) Organizing - doesn't really matter what - it helps.

15) Talking to other people.


17) Play pretend

18) Bubble Bath

19) Cuddles/Hugs/Pets are always a happy thing. : )

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