Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wish Want Love Covet Housewares

So once again my interest is swinging back around to fashion and pretties, design and motifs.  I dressed up all pretty today in red and black with some kitten heels.  I'm heading out to a rock show my friend is playing in.  And besides the corset I'm going to throw on later for the fun of it, I thought a beautiful feather boa would complete the outfit just perfectly.  Unfortuneately, I don't have one...but this one would go PERFECT with what I'm wearing today. 


I've also been madly rearranging my apartment any chance I get and I just want it to look - different.  First time since I was 18 that I get to have my own space to decorate and I realize how little I've developed my houseware style in those adult years except for odds and ends here and there.  There've been little ideas floating in my head how I can adjust the ambiance by the decor I chose and there are quite a few things that are just going to have to go, and a few things I'd love to start prolifferating around the house. 

Candles are definitely one of those.  I think a few unique cnandleholders would really bring something to the room, and here are a few I really liked.  Red. Black. Classic Metal and Sensual Glass.


I'd also like some natural elements as well - I have a small collection of stained bamboo holders and darker stone oriental urns and containers.  I think the red dogwood branches would be a wonderful addition when I have a larger place.

And mirrors! I want appropriately placed mirrors throughout my home.
I like the fame on this one.

And I think this one has a great sense of depth to it.

As pretty as all of these are, there are 
so many things that I need to focus on first. 
Responsible things.
Ah, responsibilities.

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  1. You are totally right about that boa! However regardless of being boa-less you looked super lovely last night (I forgot to tell you on account of all the booze). Thank you so much for the dance!