Thursday, November 11, 2010

Older Random Poetry

Monday Memo

interactive integration
create cross-functioning
facilitate future
collaborative corporation
effective efficiency elevating the
synergistic success
towards togetherness
multi-task the maximization of the
productive paradigm


Little boyhood grin
Splashed across a suntanned face
Thinking eyes belie that suit and tie.
Corporate ladders can’t compare
To tree house retreats.
And milk moustaches
Secret societies of heroes
And pirate treasure
Hidden beneath the porch.
They're worth more in the end
Than any man’s weight in memos

'08 the young

liquid laugh
like velvet
with a brilliant longing
always desiring
to be born
like a translucent flower
like a
ghost of a


let me live
and capture abstract imagination
creating soft silhouettes
of chiseled impressions -
aesthetic metaphors
of drugged eclectic dreams -
smeared pieces
of the surreal vivid originals
which dazzlingly shimmer
in their approachable beauty.

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