Friday, June 5, 2009

Parallel Planes

Most days now I think of blogging, but I'm not sure what to write. Life's for me is kind of going in a parallel mode. Some things are bleak/dreary/exhausting/unhappy and some things are really wonderful and happy.

My thyroid's gotten to the barely-there end of function, which means my energy level is fine - unless I forget to take my meds in the morning like today, and then I'm dragging. I really need to carry extra in all my various bags. But I've been able to do a lot lately - 65/70 mile ride on Sunday, 6 mile walk on Wednesday, I'm not bottoming out energy wise coming in to work - it's getting better and I'm really thankful for that.

Work's most of the problem for me right now. It's has been continuing with the theme of stressful and too much and a little scary. Every time I go into long term staffing and see 17+ people with no work and another 20 or so with no work in a couple of month's time I get nervous. We're continuing to cut costs at work, and we've supposed to have seen the worst of the recession, but reality lags behinds. I'm more concerned with my own little work world, though. There's too much that needs done and not enough time to do it in. I get off of work and it takes me an hour or so to revert into a normal mode and leave the stress behind. I don't like that.

Dee, my mom's wife, had a triple bypass surgery yesterday and is doing well, but that was very scary. It's going to be hard on Mom and Dee while Dee recovers, which should take a while. And it's odd, thinking how your parents are getting older, how I'm getting older, thinking about what it might be like if one of them wasn't there. And knowing it's going to happen at some point in the future. Mortality is inescapable.

And now that I've been a major downer, the other happier parallel plane is that positive things are happening socially. To be able to get me through the work icky I've been going out a lot recently, doing things, meeting people, having fun. Shanna's becoming a good friend and I'm going hiking with our neighbor Scott and his adorable Boston Terrier called Aldwin (which means old fiend in English) on Saturday. I got to hang out with Susan (Paul's ex) last night which was really wonderful and fun. We all went to the SAM together. I saw a couple of things I really really like. Unfortunately, I don't have real stamina in museums, my attention span is too short and/or I get a little overloaded. So Susan and I split off and hung out, went window shopping, and met up with Shanna and Paul at a neighborhood dive bar and hung out.

The super nice thing is that the hotter weather seemed to break last night and we had some wonderful super windy cool weather. Yay for change!

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