Sunday, June 21, 2009

more stuff

Last couple of weeks haven't been great - lots of joint pain, nausea, extreme fatigue, blah blah blah. Went to the doctor last Thursday and went over some blood tests. ANA test turned out positive, which means I have an auto-immune deficiency. I won't hear from the doctor for a week because she needs to talk it over with another doctor who's on vacation. Sometime after next Thursday I'll go see a specialist. I'm switching doctor's. A friend of mine who has lupus recommended her doctor - says she's a bulldog and amazing. This friend doesn't give praise lightly, so I'm going to check her out.

Since the test isn't really conclusive, just generally informative - there's a few things it could be - rheumatoid arthritis, (which, with my symptoms seems unlikely), fibromyalgia , lupus, or something else. All of which are difficult to diagnose, they have no clear idea about what causes any of them, and there's no real cure. Treatments are available to mitigate the symptoms when flare ups occur, but no real fix.

I'll be fine. Last couple of days have been better symptom wise. It's better knowing I should take it easy and not push it. Pushing myself - physically or mentally or emotionally - makes it much worse. In reality nothing's really figured out and I won't really know a diagnosis for at the MINIMUM a month, more like two. But thought I should let people know why I've been unavailable, not really communicative, not wanting to go out, etc... So this is a broadcast letting you know I'm still alive, just under the weather.

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