Thursday, April 7, 2011

04.07.11 Connections

Iridescent threads
wrapped and woven around each other
looped about,
impossible to trace back,
twisting in between and
through you -
          and her -
                and him -
                          and me -
                                        and we.
Surrounding us.
It's an intertwined tapestry
of ideas and beliefs...
glowing with the
changing morphing beauty
of each person's hopes and dreams.
Taking the wear and tear  from daily life
distributing it out,
each strand standing strong
because they stand together.
A way to soften the blows
that will always come.
Supporting itself
by the concurrent will and strength -
The wisdom 
inherent in each strand,
each being,
each beautiful unique piece.
A work of art in perpetual motion.

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