Friday, March 25, 2011

Wish Want Love Covet 5

Blah - so much is happening right now that when I sit down to write a blog post I can't keep it under a bazillion words.  I've moved into a community house in which I'm VERY happy at and am both getting my room ready by painting/capret installation and dealing with the fact all my items are strewn everywhere in boxes.  Today is Friday....a relaxing day (for the moment) I thought I'd post up another wish want love covet blog.  No good reason, other than I have some free time and I found some really cute things! 

Squee! I really adore aprons, although most of the ones I like are far too small for my curveacious hips.

Oh my goodness this is so incredibly me.  And snazzy like hot.  Yes!

I am always in favor of the key&lock combination.  This is simple, streamlined, gorgeous, and ridiculously priced for what it is.  Things this expensive just drive me nuts.  Beautiful things should not be beyond everyone's budget. 

Sooo pretty - celtic designs with red garnets?  Delish!

Following along on the whole - I love keys thing.....
this necklace is amazing, although perhaps a bit big for my tastes
...................but who knows? Those things change.

Yeah, I know......the same ol' same ol' red and black, but it's just so damn sexy!

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