Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Had a blissful weekend, for sure.

I started out having a fantastic salad with the girls - I believe eating together as friends every now and then is so important.  The clouds were puffy and big and we laid down on the ground and basked in the sun in the courtyard.  I got a chance to ride a fixed gear bike and was stunned with how smooth and good it felt on my joints, which have been giving me problems lately.  Which is really frustrating because I currently only have one bike, Juliet, the Kona Jake and I'm building up the Purple Parmount, of which I will do an extended post on later.  I lost my mountain bikes, so I need one of those, and now I want a fixed gear.  *sigh*  My wants definitely exceed my needs, or my abilities to ride all those bikes.  It doesn't change the fact that I definitely want all of those. Bikes are too beautiful.

Friday was also this month's Dead Baby ride. The ride was SO much fun!  We started off at the Canterbury Ales and Eats, which was a new place for me.  I really loved it.  It had shuffleboard, pool tables, and great ambiance.  Granted, like usual, there were a lot of us, so it was pretty crowded, but I loved the place. 

I got to ride with Mobius folks there, where one of them was riding a tall bike (something like the picture below) which was neat because a lot of folks on the streets stopped and stared/smiled/some cars went by and honked. 

Like usual, I met a lot of wonderful people and had great conversations and just had a blast in general.  The sense of family and camaraderie and genuine joy Dead Babies get out of coming together once a month to ride bikes and hang out is really amazing.

I ended up going home a little early and had a great rest-of-the evening with Ryan chilling at home.

This is Ryan, showing his sensitive side.

The rest of the weekend was just as awesome, we had amazing weather here in Seattle - just gorgeous. I got some great summer shirts and a scarf insanely cheap, since it's summer I was drawn more to the reds and lighter colors, which was nice. There was a lot of relaxing and then I took advantage of the day by jumping on my bike and riding around a bit.  I ended up reading in the park, lying on the grass, watching the sun go down and went home to curl up in bed super early.  Sooooooo nice.

Sunday was just as wonderful.  I was super industrious at home, got up early and cleaned house and rearranged a bit (something I love doing) I also got a new spiffy camera...of which I will be using to take lots of pictures when I go back down to Kansas later on this week.  The ride was gorgeous, weather perfect, and the breeze just right.  I then introduced Ryan to the Crumpet Shop - DELICIOUS! :)  We wandered around in Pike Place Market until the water taxi arrived and went on over to Alki.  A beautiful meandering ride around the 'coast' and then we got to Atlas Road.  Which is a hill.  And by hill, I mean it goes up up up up up up up. *pant pant* up up up up up.  It was worth it once I caught my breath again.  We went to ABR, another bike shop, and hung out there for a while.  I had a good time - I got to try to put together a spare hub, which I sort-of did.  It was like a puzzle.  Super fun.  And I got to look at lots of fun pictures, and bikes (got to love bikes).  Then the benefit of going all that up - the down was beaaaaaaaaaaaaautiful!  So much fun.  I broke 30 mph, which for me on that bike is pretty darn good.  I cheated and got on the bus when we got back into downtown because I didn't want to climb up another hill to go home.  Lazy bones I have.

I love weekends like these.  Woooooooooonderful.  Simply wonderful.

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